A 21st Century Christian education provides the best setting for the development of the whole child -- academically, artistically, physically, socially and spiritually. FILS provides: 


  • A warm and caring environment that promotes learning and Christian values
  • An exceptional team of Christian educators who are passionate about meeting the needs of their students
  • A high-quality education with proven methods, relevant curriculum, and the area's best educational technology
  • A rich extracurricular experience with competitive and inclusive interscholastic athletics, instrumental and vocal music opportunities, student council and forensics team.


First Immanuel is committed to providing our students with the latest educational technology, and technology is incorporated into all facets of our students’ learning. 


Every child has a computer device 

FILS has a one-to-one computer program. That means that every child in grades 1- 3 have individual access to an iPad, all children in grades 4 - 8 have a Chrome Book. The Early Childhood and kindergarten classrooms have iPads in each room, to support instruction in those settings. Middle schoolers are able to take their Chrome Book home with them and they will own that FILS device when they graduate*. (*agreement to the school purchase program required) 

Our staff has been formally trained on how to use iPads and Chrome Books in a school setting, and they are eagerly opening a whole new world of learning possibilities to their students. 


Smart Boards in Every Classroom

Our Early Childhood - 8th grade classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards, which are basically wall-mounted touch-sensitive computers, to allow more interactive learning opportunities. Our teachers are trained to use the Smart Boards and software in ways that best enhance learning. 


Computer Lab and Instruction 

Students in Kindergarten through grade 5 have formal computer training.  Each student learns appropriate use of the internet, keyboarding, and the most frequently used word processing and desktop publishing software programs.

foreign language

First Immanuel's foreign language curriculum is offered to students in grades 4th - 8th. The students in 4th - 6th grade use a online program to learn Spanish. The online program provides fun, game-like lessons to keep students motivated and excited about learning a new language.


The 7th - 8th grade students are taught by a Spanish teacher. The Spanish curriculum taught over the 7th and 8th grade years combined is the equivalent of a high school Spanish 1 course. A final exam administered at the end of the 8th grade year to measure readiness for Spanish II in high school. 

wildcat writer WORKSHOPs

To create more writing opportunities for our 7th and 8th grade middle school students, First Immanuel has created "Wildcat Writer Workshops." The students participate in these weekly workshops, which provides students with "real life" applied writing opportunities. Each student is required to keep a portfolio of their work throughout the school year. There are different workshops offered each year. 

the learning center

The Learning Center (TLC) is a special place at First Immanuel. The room is primarily designed for individualized learning and relief. Daily it serves students with a wide variety of needs: those who need remedial support, enrichment or a break from the classroom. 

  • Remedial assistance is provided to students who need individual attention or additional resources because they are struggling in a particular subject area, have fallen behind due to absence or have mild learning disabilities. Make-up tests due to absences can also be administered at The Learning Center.  
  • Enrichment activities are provided for students who are excelling in the classroom and need additional or advanced opportunities to remain challenged. Several computers are also available in The Learning Center for these activities.  
  • Relief activities are provided for students who need a break from the classroom, due to attention deficit or other behavioral concerns. For these students there is a quiet area, a sensory area, and a large-motor skills area that includes a rock wall and mini-trampoline.  

The Learning Center is open and staffed full-time and time spent in TLC is determined by individual needs of each student For more information about our Learning Center, contact the admissions office at:

interscholastic athletics

Interscholastic athletics is an enriching part of life at First Immanuel. Students in grades 5-8 have a wide variety of sports in which to participate, and may often participate in more than one sport. Boys and girls in grades 3-4 can participate in an introductory interscholastic basketball program. 


Many students who choose not to participate still support the teams as fans at tournaments and games, and the entire school participates in a pep rally during every sports season. At First Immanuel, we create enough teams so that everyone plays on the team that best fits their level of interest and ability. Every kid who wants to participate in a sport makes the team.  Every student-athlete contributes in a unique and special way to the overall success and growth of their team. Our program strives to improve the talents of each athlete, while stressing the importance of teamwork and love of sport. 


Fall Sports 

Girls’ Volleyball - open to students in 5th - 8th grade

Cross Country (co-ed) - open to students in 5th - 8th grade


Winter Sports 

Jr. Wildcats Boys & Girls Basketball - open to students in 1st & 2nd grade

Girls’ Basketball - open to students in 3rd - 8th grade

Boys’ Basketball - open to students in 3rd - 8th grade

Girls Poms/Dance - open to students in 5th - 8th grade


Spring Sports 

Track (co-ed) - open to students in 5th - 8th grade

Boys’ Volleyball - open to students in 7th - 8th grade

Tennis (co-ed) - open to students in 6th - 8th grade


Participation is emphasized in the FIL athletic program. At the 3rd - 6th grade levels, playing time is as equal as possible. At the 7th and 8th grade level, a student-athlete’s playing time is determined by daily work ethic in practices and games, attitude, absences from practice, disciplinary actions, academic performance, the number of players on the team, and game conditions. For more information about our interscholastic athletic program, contact Athletic Director Eric Everts at

co-curricular programs

Our extra-curricular and co-curricular programs strive to expose students to a wide variety of activities. God has given his children many talents, which we try to nurture and develop in our extracurricular programs.


Our opportunities include: 

  • Vocal & Instrumental Music Activities
  • Various Enrichment Programs
  • Student Council
  • School Clubs
  • Scouting