Middle School

The atmosphere in the First Immanuel Middle School is very collegial, as  middle school faculty members will often teach students in a particular subject area throughout their middle school experience. The middle school teachers work very well with each other to see that each student gets the mentoring, support, resources and challenges they need to succeed.


A variety of extracurricular activities are available to these students throughout the school year.   Hot lunch program is available as is a microwave oven in the cafeteria for their use. The middle school wing opens a 7:20 am. Students arriving before that time need to go to the cafeteria until they are dismissed. There is not after school care available to the middle school students, however for those student athletes will be advised on where they can stay after dismissal until practice (this does not apply to practices that start after 4:30 pm).

middle school student responsibility

Middle school students are given increasing responsibility for managing their time and balancing their schoolwork with extracurricular and outside activities. Students in middle school are given their own personal access to RenWeb, which is First Immanuel's online communication tool for teachers, parents and students. With that they are able to access homework assignments, class information, athletic information and grades, as well as turn in homework online.


The Middle School is in its own wing of the First Immanuel campus, and is fully departmentalized. Students start and end each day in homeroom, switch rooms and teachers for each class, and keep their books and belongings in their lockers.

middle school student success

Our graduates perform very well in high school.  For the past three years an average of 66% of our graduates were on the honor roll in their first semester of their respective high schools.  Additionally, in the last five years our graduates have earned the honor of class Valedictorian at eight local high schools - our graduates truly excel!