Meet Our middle school lead teachers

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  • Grace Bertram

    Eighth Grade Homeroom, Middle School Language Arts

    Ms. Bertram joined our teaching team in 2015. She is a graduate of Concordia University Wisconsin with a BA in Elementary Education as well as a minor in English/Language Arts. 


    In the classroom, Miss Bertram likes to read thrilling, yet challenging books with her students, and is passionate about motivating them to think outside the box while analyzing and exploring different themes and genres of literature. She likes to use creative writing assignments and activities to engage her students throughout the learning process, and she firmly believes that any student can love reading, it just takes the right book. Miss Bertram prides herself in establishing strong, positive relationships with her students, and strives to develop respect and personal growth with each one of her students.


  • Eric Everts

    Sixth Grade Homeroom,  6th  Grade Math, Algebra, Geometry

    Mr. Everts has a BS in Secondary Education - Math, from Concordia University Wisconsin. He has over 17 years of teaching experience all but one of which have been at First Immanuel.

    Mr. Everts is the kind of teacher that makes learning fun. He has a great rapport with students throughout the school, but is a particularly good mentor to middle schoolers. He meets middle school angst with lightheartedness, and helps kids not take themselves too seriously. He believes that it is just as important to teach life skills as it is to assure his students’ math proficiency.


    Some of the interesting things that go on in Mr. Everts’ math classes include a simulated stock market project in which kids try to grow their “fortune,” and a statistics project which requires students to gather and compile polling data and present their analysis to the class. And, once you know Mr. Everts, it comes as no surprise that he starts every class period with “jokes of the day.”


    Mr. Everts also serves as First Immanuel’s athletic director. His Wildcat Basketball Camps for grades K-8 are the hottest summer camp ticket in Cedarburg, because they are so well run and teach sportsmanship and basketball skills in equal doses.


    “I pray that I model a Christian example of how to carry oneself and that my students might be equipped with the tools to go out into the world and use the gifts that God has given them to the best of their ability.”   

  • Ms. Tammy Klenz

    Seventh Grade Homeroom,  6th Grade Math & Religion, Foreign Language & Writing   

    Mrs. Klenz received a BA in elementary education from Concordia University Wisconsin in 1990. She has 8 years of teaching experience, having previously been at Hales Corners Lutheran School and Mt. Calvary Lutheran in Milwaukee. She had a very diverse childhood, including living in Japan for 6 years while her dad served as Principal at The American School in Japan. She can’t remember a time that she didn’t want to teach … maybe that is because her dad was her junior high and high school principal, and then her college advisor! She also spent growing up years in Long Island, NY, and Rockford, Ill, before settling down in Milwaukee as an adult. 

    Ms. Klenz leads our 4th - 6th grade Duolingo Foreign Language Program making sure that students are progressing well and staying on task. In her role as writing coach she is really focused not just on making the kids stronger writers, but on helping her students develop the same love of writing that she has. She also works on expanding their vocabulary with a “Word of the Day,” and helps them become better proofreaders by giving extra credit to kids who find spelling and punctuation errors in newspapers, signage and other printed materials. 

    Students can tell right away that Ms. Klenz genuinely enjoys spending time with middle school students, and she really appreciates the enthusiasm of First Immanuel’s student body. She works on making her classes fun and focuses on building up kids’ self-esteem in a world that can often try to tear kids down. Mrs. Klenz’s secret weapon? She is very talented at reading lips – a fun and handy skill to bring to a middle school classroom!


  • Mr. Wayne Nelson

    Seventh Grade Homeroom, Middle School Science   

    Mr.Nelson was born and raised in Racine, WI.  He began his Lutheran education in the 7th grade at Trinity Lutheran in Racine.  He attended Racine Lutheran High School, and his history teacher there, Mr. James Bartz, encouraged him to become a teacher and attend Concordia College in Milwaukee.  He graduated form Concordia University Wisconsin in December 1984 with a BA in Elementary Education. 


    Throughout his career Mr. Nelson has answered God’s calling, servinging schools in Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, and Missouri.  He has taught everything except music and served as an athletic director and coach for most of his career.  Over the years Mr. Nelson has found he especially loves teaching about God's creation through his Science classes and being outdoors and communing with God in nature. 


    As a teacher he enjoys watching my students engage in science and participating in the natural wonders that He has blessed us with. Hands-on/project-based experiences are a preferred methods of creating a learning environment.  Mr. Nelson believes that education should be enjoyable so that students will want to be life-long-learners.  He believes that mistakes and failures make us stronger; there are no perfect people, just forgiven. 


    As an active individual who would rather be moving than sitting, and you are likely to see Mr. Nelson moving about the classroom engaging with students.


    In his freetime, he enjoys weight training, hiking, biking, running, and sports.


  • Mrs. Wendy Seban

    Middle School Support For Success Paraprofessional/Pre-Algebra

    Mrs. Seban is enthusiastic about engaging middle school students both academically and spiritually as she encourages them to grow as a student and as a forgiven child of God.  She graduated from Concordia Wisconsin with a BA in elementary education focusing on middle school and minoring in math.  Mrs. Seban has over 15 years of experience working with middle school and high school youth both in the classroom and youth programs, serving at Mt Calvary Lutheran Church in Milwaukee and St Paul’s Lutheran in Des Peres, MO.  Recently, as Youth Ministry Assistant at St Paul’s Lutheran, Mrs Seban directed Middle School Ministry activities and developed Root 66 – a program challenging youth to be rooted in the 66 books of the Bible.


    Mrs. Seban believes that is important for students to know WHOSE they are as they work on figuring out WHO they are!  It is only as forgiven children of God that we can really embrace our identity in Christ reflecting Him in all we do and say.   

  • Mr. Jacob Jurss

    6th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Social Studies

    Mr. Jacob Jurss joined our teaching team in 2019. He is a graduate of Concordia University Wisconsin with a degree in Secondary Education - Social Studies.  Mr. Jurss is excited to begin his teaching career and looks forward to teaching his students about God's word and helping them discover God/s plan for each of them. Mr. Jurss will also be coaching Wildcat basketball.


    He enjoys running and playing Basketball.

    Favorite Bible Verse - Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”