March 2017

First Immanuel Lutheran School held its triennial Science Fair the weekend of March 17th – 19th. Middle School Students in 6th – 8th grade participated in the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  The fair included projects from 99 middle school students and 12 of those students earned Best of Group and 28 additional students were recognized for their work.   The top award, Best of Fair, was presented to 8th grader Brady Edgren and 6th grader Jacob Helm.   Edgren’s project called “The Issue with Ions" involved investigating the electrical conductivity of different liquids and mixtures, as well as the effects of temperature and pH.  For his project Helm investigated, the link of tooth decay to sugary drinks in his project called “Think About Your Drink”.


Fellow 6th grader Chloe Kelm earned a Runner-up Medal for her investigation into how temperature affects popcorn. When asked about her experience she gave some good advice stating, “This project was fun and while not overwhelming, I would say it’s a good idea to get it done early so that you don’t need to worry about finishing things at the last minute. That’s stressful!”  The results of her investigation will have her family refrigerating popcorn since those kernels popped the best.


Additionally, 7th grader Alison Schleicher says of her experience “The hardest part was the presentation part. Putting the whole board together and making it interesting to look at was key.”  Schleicher also earned a Runner-up Medal for her biology project.

The triennial Science Fair was managed by Middle School Science Teacher Mr. Wayne Nelson. The students began working on their projects in mid-Fall and had specific instructions on how to use the scientific method in their collection and presentation of data.

Volleyball Program Earns Tournament Wins

November 2016

First Immanuel Lutheran School has recently concluded its girl’s Volleyball season.  The school was able to field four grade-level specific interscholastic teams this season.  According to Admissions Director, Teresa Hajdu, the volleyball program is open to all girls in 5th – 8th grades. “Participation is encouraged at every level of ability and that along with the focus on nurturing teamwork really helps keep the interest in playing going strong.  This season we were blessed to have 60% of our girls in 5th – 8th grade participate in the program.” 


The school’s 5th grade team, which played its matches primarily against other school’s 6th grade teams, finished their season with a record of 17-18. Their coach Teri Jackson, says this of her players’ experience this year: “The girls played with heart and continually built up their skills at practice and during matches.  They were an awesome group to coach!”


The 6th grade team took the top spot in both tournaments they participated in this season. Both tournaments were played in September. The first was held at St. Paul’s Grafton and the second was on their home court during the Wildcats Invitational Tournament.  The team finished the season with a record of 11-5-1. When asked how her team performed this season Coach Alison Pipkorn commented "The 6th grade girls had a great season! I am proud of how much their skills developed over the season and how well they worked together as a team, supporting and encouraging each other as Christian athletes."


With 19 girls from the 7th and 8th grades participating, the program was able to field two teams. The 7/8 grade White team finished their season with a record of 11-11-2.  The team finished 2nd to the school’s 6th Grade team in the Wildcats Invitational Tournament but in the Sheboygan Lutheran High School Tournament they placed 3rd.  The team’s coach Meghan Groppe says of her players “I am very proud of how well they played together as a team and how they either won humbly or lost gracefully together.” 


The 7/8 grade Red Team finished their regular season with a record of 16-3-2 and earned the opportunity to complete in the state tournament at the end of October where they tied for 11th place. During the regular season, the team participated in 3 tournaments, St. John’s Glendale, Hales Corners Lutheran, and their own Wildcats Invitational Tournament, taking first place in their division at each.  "The girls embraced the team concept and worked hard to continually improve both as individuals and as a team” commented Coach Kevin Hedinger “The team’s record was 18-5-4 overall and I am proud of their performance as athletes, but I am proudest of the respect and sportsmanship they showed on and off the court."