School plan 20.21

Looking ahead to September 8, school will look a bit different than it has in the past. Here at FILS, that statement has a double meaning. God couldn’t have provided us with a new elementary wing at a better time! We are blessed with more bathrooms, sinks and space! We are thankful for these blessings as we plan for school!

We wanted to share with you a few items you can begin discussing with your children in regard to how school will look when they arrive back on campus in September. We cannot wait to have the students back in the building and we appreciate you working with us to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. The procedures we are implementing, based on health department guidelines, are meant to keep our students secure and safe. It is also our hope that by following them, we can keep our students and staff in the building throughout the school year! 

We are also thankful that we can deliver instruction virtually to those of you who choose that option.

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** Please note, this information and these procedures are subject to change as more is learned about COVID-19!